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Welcome to Property Scouts Profits, where good people make great money, many in their spare time and on their own schedule, with no strings attached. The challenging economy of the past few years has lost millions of jobs, that many believe are not coming back anytime soon. If your one of those people or fear you may be soon, your choice is proactively take control of your future or wait for circumstances to dictate your quality of life. Retraining and Education is available to those who choose to better themselves and their families.

We are a privately held Real Estate Investment Firm in the business of acquiring Commercial Investment Properties. We’ve created a network of professionals with tremendous buying power.  Because of this significant buying power, we are constantly in need of a fresh and on-going supply of properties to buy.


Our business is buying Commercial Properties, managing those investments, and at times selling our assets, and we're VERY GOOD at what we do.  Real Estate is an investment vehicle, a commodity for us, nothing more and nothing less.  It’s a BUSINESS.  We provide for our families with the revenue generated from the business.  We're not a CHARITY, although we are very charitable in the communities we conduct business in, so every property must have a way to turn a profit or we’re just not interested. 

 Because We need to generate a profit from each transaction, we simply must deal with Owners and Sellers who really NEED to sell their property, not just WANT to sell. There is a big difference in the two. 

Your INCOME is reflected in how well you find properties and projects that fit our criteria. We will provide detailed instructions on the type and property class we are looking for. The more familiar you become and the better you get at it, the more $money$ you'll make per hour/day/week/month. We LOVE to write you BIG checks, because that means WE get deals that are in our target acquisition window. It's really just that simple!!

And....we will Train you....
Please review the additional pages in this website for additional information on our program. Take control of Your future, find out if your a fit for this role by Contacting US today. 



Property Scout

11635 South 700 East
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"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice."  --Wj Bryan
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